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Monday, March 5th, 2001

I never reaslised that different countries smell different until my last trip home to Scotland. On my return I flew from Glasgow into New York. On getting off the plane I could smell the US. I was reminded of this when I got to another airport today this time going to San Francisco. A smell struck me that reminded me of the first time I came to the US. I don’t know if it is a brand of cleaner or something they use to clean the carpet but it was there. The smell took me back 3 and a half years to JFK airport in New York. I had been up for over 24 hours I had already visited Glasgow airport London Heathrow that day and I was waiting for small prop plane to take me to Dulles International Aiport near Washington DC. Washington DC is in that nice season where is it hot enough that you want to open the car windows and not so hot that you have t keep them closed so you can run the AC. It was while driving that I detected another smell that I only associate with virginia in the summer, again I don’t know what the smell is only that I have never smelt it in Scotland or washington DC.
It has been a fun week. I found out that my vision is better than 20\20 which it amazing when I couldn’t see further than a foot in focus 3 years ago. I am one of those people that will discover in 20 years time that lasic eye correction wasn’t a good idea. For now I will enjoy not having to wear glasses, being able to walk in the rain, never having to remember to take out your contact lenses before you go to bed. Aaah