Take away my computers and you will eliminate about 2/3rd of the distractions in my live.
It’s my job, my spare time and my view on the world.

My Computers

AMD 1.3Ghz (fileserver)
Intel 2.4Ghz (webserver)
SunSparc Ultra 5 (Powered Off and in storage)
Via Mini ITX (firewall)
Via Mini ITX (Currently built as a Mythtv front end, but I like the mac mini better so powered off)
AMD 2.8Ghz (Workstation, Dual Monitor Firewire)
PowerBook (12 inch laptop, getting a bit long in the tooth)
Series 1 Tivo
Series 3 Tivo
Gateway 486 (Powered off and in storage)
Intel P233 (Powered off and in storage)
Mac Mini (Latest Computer)