I do miss Irn Bru (See the bottle above), which is kind of strange since I stopped drinking caffine a while ago. Its an orange high caffine drink that is mainly drunk in Scotland, though reports of sightings in England have been made. You can always tell if its near a deadline for a computer science pratical by the fact the that the vending machine in the JCMB common room (Formally known as Mays) has run out of Irn Bru.

If you live outside Scotland you probably have never heard of it.

It has water,sugar, carbon dioxide, citric acid, flavorings, perservative (E211), caffine, colours (E110, E124), ammonium ferrric citrate (0.002%) in it.

After moving to Virginia and finding out that I could get a personalised number plate I wanted something that identified me as being Scottish but IRN BRU had already been taken so I had to go for IRN BREW instead. When I moved to Maryland I was foiled again, so I am IRN BREW there as well

(BTW the above photo is how my wife worked out that I lived very close by when we first started dating)