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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

I forgot to mention I am going to be doing a presentation at the Institute for applied network security VA in march. I thought it was going to be 30 min talk, turns out it is only 15 mins so fairly low key. I am talking about vulnerability management systems.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Just watched “The Falls” episode of Rebus. I am guessing that “the Falls” aired first, not sure if I just missed it when it first aired on BBCA. It opened with dc clark introducing her self and saying “we met yesterday” which is really strange since the two characters feel like they have known each other for a long time. I am still disturbed by the fact that rebus supports Hibs. It showed the more angry side, hinted at the drinks to much side, and hints at the fact that rebus bends the rules.
I still think the pace is a little slow.
Strange to see in the inside of Easter Road. Its changed a lot since I last worked there.

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

I am a little scared to check, but I got a new graphics card today and it has fixed my flickering screen on my 17inch flats. I originally bought the 2 17inch flats because the 2 17inch CRTs were flickering and I was at the point where I couldn’t use the computer. Then I started noticing that the flats were still flickering. I flipped on of the flats to the DVI cable and I got a perfect picture. So I thought that I needed to get a graphics card with 2 DVI connections. Then today I was in best buy and I saw a graphics card with 2 VGA connectors and I thought what the hell, if it doesn’t make any difference then I can just take it back. So now i have a rock steady picture on both flats and I am wondering if they 2 CRTS would work perfectly on it.

Oh well at least I get more desk space with the Flats.

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

I was quoted in the balitmore sun Also check out which is a group I am involved in.

Why I should never park under a tree

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I went looking for my car and found it under a tree on the street. It is now boasting a new paint job which is an interesting shade of bird crap.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I am still running my Asterisk server. I now have even have a number in the UK. The interesting part is it is actually cheaper for my parents to call me on my cellphone in the US using tesco as their long distance provider than it is for them to use this my voip number in the UK. In fact it is cheaper for my parent to call me then it is for me to call them. Tesco offers 4p a min to the US. My voip number in is considered a national access number so it is about 10p a min to call it. The calling card i use for calling the UK is 10 cents a min plus $2 a month service charge.

I am still waiting on my sipura 3000 and my sipura 2002 to show up, I was cheap and paid for ground shipping. Ground is great if they are shipping from the East Coast, but this is coming from CA. So I am just imagining a large truck driving from the west coast to the east coast.

I didn’t realize this till last week, the server is called asterisk as in * rather than Asterix who was a character in a children’s book. oops

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I think the most infuriating part is that they have fixed web folders so you can connect to a webdav folder over the internet using https. So I now have a folder I can save stuff to and share with other people if needed. But they broke the ability to subscribe to to an ical calendar over https. Someone needs to look at sharing the same code base for webdav functionality.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Well, I should have known better. I upgraded to tiger and Apple screwed me. With 10.3 I was able to subscribe to a calendar using http, then edit a text file and flip it to https. Now the text file is nolonger there and my https calendars are not being synced. The entry url is still listed as https in the subscription but it isn’t being pulled down. fuck. Guess I am just going to have to check in two places now, phpIcalendar and ical

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Ok, I watched the new episode of rebus and I am think the ones with John Hanna were better. Physically I think Ken Stott is a better fit but I am not sure he got he matched the character in the books. I didn’t see much anger in the character Rebus always struck me as angry bitter man who didn’t like dealing with authority. I also think they got the rebus and Siobhan mixed up. Siobhan is the hibs fan not rebus. I also don’t think rebus would have an expensive sony wide screen tv in his house. Ancient record player is more his style.

Flights from Washington/BWI to Glasgow

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

For shits and giggle I was curious how the price of flights change from August to November. Here are the prices in US $ for flights starting at washington (DCA, IAD, BWI) and going to glasgow. The dates go from Monday to monday

8-Aug 14-Aug 911
14-Aug 21-Aug 884
21-Aug 28-Aug 911
28-Aug 4-Sep 684
4-Sep 11-Sep 684
11-Sep 18-Sep 684
18-Sep 25-Sep 684
25-Sep 2-Oct 684
2-Oct 9-Oct 847
9-Oct 16-Oct 684
16-Oct 23-Oct 684
23-Oct 30-Oct 634
30-Oct 6-Nov 564
6-Nov 13-Nov 564
13-Nov 20-Nov 564
20-Nov 27-Nov 702
27-Nov 4-Dec 579
4-Dec 11-Dec 564

Here is the same deal except thursday to thursday
10-Aug 17-Aug 977
17-Aug 24-Aug 884
24-Aug 31-Aug 936
31-Aug 7-Sep 764
7-Sep 14-Sep 681
14-Sep 21-Sep 681
21-Sep 28-Sep 681
28-Sep 5-Oct 681
5-Oct 12-Oct 681
12-Oct 19-Oct 681
19-Oct 26-Oct 681
26-Oct 2-Nov 561
2-Nov 9-Nov 561
9-Nov 16-Nov 561

And here is a closer look at the changes in the week starting thursday 17th. Looks like Mondays and Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly.
17-Aug 4-Sep 883 Thurs
18-Aug 4-Sep 834 Fri
19-Aug 4-Sep 834 Sat
20-Aug 4-Sep 724 Sun
21-Aug 4-Sep 684 Mon
22-Aug 4-Sep 684 Tues
23-Aug 4-Sep 853 Wed
24-Aug 4-Sep 883 Thurs
25-Aug 4-Sep 684 Fri
26-Aug 4-Sep 724 Sat
27-Aug 4-Sep 726 Sun
28-Aug 4-Sep 684 Mon