I am still running my Asterisk server. I now have even have a number in the UK. The interesting part is it is actually cheaper for my parents to call me on my cellphone in the US using tesco as their long distance provider than it is for them to use this my voip number in the UK. In fact it is cheaper for my parent to call me then it is for me to call them. Tesco offers 4p a min to the US. My voip number in is considered a national access number so it is about 10p a min to call it. The calling card i use for calling the UK is 10 cents a min plus $2 a month service charge.

I am still waiting on my sipura 3000 and my sipura 2002 to show up, I was cheap and paid for ground shipping. Ground is great if they are shipping from the East Coast, but this is coming from CA. So I am just imagining a large truck driving from the west coast to the east coast.

I didn’t realize this till last week, the server is called asterisk as in * rather than Asterix who was a character in a children’s book. oops

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