Project Goal: Integrate Utopy into the Angel Saas Platform.

Genesys bought Utopy a speech analytics company in January 2013, then shortly after bought Angel was using a competitor of Utopy and wanted to switch to using Genesys’s technology rather than paying a competitor for something they already owned. had deployed a speech analytics solution using CallMiner as a Professional Services Engagement for one customer, but saw the value in offering this as an add-on feature for all customers.

As part of my job as a senior engineer, I took on the role of managing the many aspects of transition from Callminer to Utopy. The first goal of the project was to transition an existing customer from Callminer to Utopy. I worked directly with the Utopy Development and Professional Services to create a test environment. This gave me insight into platform and sizing and the complexity of the project. I pulled in resources from the Angel operations team to help me provision the storage and databases for the test environment. After successfully analyzing calls in the test environment and resolving concerns about encryption for PCI and HIPAA, I specced out the hardware, storage and network changes that would need to be performed to complete the transition. Servers were ordered, provisioned and setup. OS and Database software was ordered and purchased. The database specialist worked from my requirements and created a clustered MS SQL server with SAN Storage. The networking specialists took my design and implemented segmented network zones for internet access and internal access utilizing load balancers and firewalls. The Storage Specialist created the SAN LUNs needed for the databases and also the NAS storage for Call storage. I then worked with our offshore team using my step documents to spin up an exact copy of the production environment in or disaster recover center. We brought everything online and tested with live data then cut the customer over to the new system.

All through the process I worked with Utopy Professional Service, Development Team, Utopy Professional Service, Angel Professional Services, Angel Management and finally the Genesys Product Management team to come up with a solution that would allow us to integrate Utopy into the Angel Platform and transition existing Utopy SAS customers to the Angel Platform. I identified weaknesses and missing functionality that needed to be addressed, then presented my finding to the Angel/Genesys/Utopy management, making the case for why these features should be prioritized based on the projected revenue growth at

Phase 1 and phase 2 were successfully delivered.