Flights from Washington/BWI to Glasgow

For shits and giggle I was curious how the price of flights change from August to November. Here are the prices in US $ for flights starting at washington (DCA, IAD, BWI) and going to glasgow. The dates go from Monday to monday

8-Aug 14-Aug 911
14-Aug 21-Aug 884
21-Aug 28-Aug 911
28-Aug 4-Sep 684
4-Sep 11-Sep 684
11-Sep 18-Sep 684
18-Sep 25-Sep 684
25-Sep 2-Oct 684
2-Oct 9-Oct 847
9-Oct 16-Oct 684
16-Oct 23-Oct 684
23-Oct 30-Oct 634
30-Oct 6-Nov 564
6-Nov 13-Nov 564
13-Nov 20-Nov 564
20-Nov 27-Nov 702
27-Nov 4-Dec 579
4-Dec 11-Dec 564

Here is the same deal except thursday to thursday
10-Aug 17-Aug 977
17-Aug 24-Aug 884
24-Aug 31-Aug 936
31-Aug 7-Sep 764
7-Sep 14-Sep 681
14-Sep 21-Sep 681
21-Sep 28-Sep 681
28-Sep 5-Oct 681
5-Oct 12-Oct 681
12-Oct 19-Oct 681
19-Oct 26-Oct 681
26-Oct 2-Nov 561
2-Nov 9-Nov 561
9-Nov 16-Nov 561

And here is a closer look at the changes in the week starting thursday 17th. Looks like Mondays and Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly.
17-Aug 4-Sep 883 Thurs
18-Aug 4-Sep 834 Fri
19-Aug 4-Sep 834 Sat
20-Aug 4-Sep 724 Sun
21-Aug 4-Sep 684 Mon
22-Aug 4-Sep 684 Tues
23-Aug 4-Sep 853 Wed
24-Aug 4-Sep 883 Thurs
25-Aug 4-Sep 684 Fri
26-Aug 4-Sep 724 Sat
27-Aug 4-Sep 726 Sun
28-Aug 4-Sep 684 Mon

3 Responses to “Flights from Washington/BWI to Glasgow”

  1. digitalkatie says:

    Hi there,

    We’ve been looking at flights too, but in the opposite direction! We were thinking of coming across during our long school summer hols! We thought we’d just spend a month in the states travelling round friends and family! We thought about volunteering at a deaf summer school, which a friend did last year. I also fancy doing ASL courses at Gallaudet, so we thought we might spend some time in your part of the world.

    Do you have a spare room? 😉 If not, is it easy to rent a room for such a short term (1 or 2 weeks)? Is it easy to travel from Baltimore to Washington?

    Maybe see you soon!

    Kate & Sean

  2. Ian says:

    Sorry hit save to quickly. Baltimore is about 45-60 mins drive from baltimore. Very easy to get to. I wouldn’t attempt to commute every day unless you really like driving. There is also the Marc train that runs every day and drops you off in the center of Washington DC. You are also about 4 hours drive from New York.
    I don’t know about short term rent. I would check out craigs list. I know Hongying rented out her appartment last year when she travelled to China.
    I also have a lot of friends in DC so they might be willing to help as well.
    You guys would me more than welcome as long as you don’t mind 2 cats.