Ok, I watched the new episode of rebus and I am think the ones with John Hanna were better. Physically I think Ken Stott is a better fit but I am not sure he got he matched the character in the books. I didn’t see much anger in the character Rebus always struck me as angry bitter man who didn’t like dealing with authority. I also think they got the rebus and Siobhan mixed up. Siobhan is the hibs fan not rebus. I also don’t think rebus would have an expensive sony wide screen tv in his house. Ancient record player is more his style.

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  1. platofish says:

    Yeah, I was kinda disappointed with the new Rebus. John Hanna was a much better fit – not perfect, but better. Although, I’m expecting it will grow on me (and there is no way I’m giving up on watching it!).

  2. Anonymous says:


    I liked John Hanna much better. I think the new guy fits Rebus as Rankin wrote him, but that’s not exactly a good thing–he’s short, fat and ugly. Besides, the earlier Rebus was much easier to understand. The actors tried to speak clearly enough so we could understand them, for one thing. And the sound mixing on the new ones is bad–the street noise and music interferes with the dialogue.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I’ve just discovered this site about Rebus…I’ve been reading Scotland on Sunday about how the smoking ban will effect the filmning of Rebus and it has prompted me after seeing ‘The Falls’to write about how factually bad the film was. Anyway, I think Stott would be perfect (though Brian Cox is ideal) as Rebus but needs the character that Hannah had – Hannah was too young. Any replies to rossaclark@hotmail.com. I’ve read all the Rebus books and was shocked and it still makes me cringe at how bad they got the basics of Rebus soo soo wrong. He was never a Hibs fan, it was Siobhan…and the Oxford is only 5 mins walk from the Caledonian Hilton…maybe someone should have read a book…..