Long Lost friends

My parents moved house about 6 months ago. This was the last address a lot of people from University and secondary school would have had for me. While home for Xmas I sent a few christmas cards hoping that some of my forgotten friends would get back in touch. One did, I haven’t heard from her for 3 years we kind of parted on bad terms. Just imagine a flat with 4 very stressed out students sitting the most important exams of their 4 year university life. Lets just say it became interesting. It was nice to hear from her but I think must have said something since she has never replied back…..
I also got an email from a friend, well an email from one of her co workers inviting me to her birthday party.I lost touch with her after she switched jobs. She almost came to work for the same company I as me. I think the best description of a friend is someone you know well enougth that even after a year of not talking you can still phone up and talk for hours with, with no mention of the long gap.

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