Junk Mail

Don’t people get it? I don’t want junk mail. I came home tonight and there was at least three pieces of mail asking me if I would like a credit card. I didn’t even bother opening them. I then looked at my email boxfor a website I run and I see emails with subjects, “Secrets Of Wealth Creation”, “Stock market taking you for a ride”, “Add 1-4 Inches To Your Penis…Guaranteed”. Those were just a few of the many waiting for me to delete. Every where I turn people are asking me for my email address. Emm NOOOO! I am not going to give you my email address even if you are going to give me a dollar discount. I am at the point where I filter all email on my personal account. Your email has to be in my address book otherwise you get dumped in my junk folder. On one of my email addresses I just deleted 81 junk emails. Thankfully I have convinced MCI World com that I really don’t want to change long distance and I really do not want to speak to you ever again.

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