My first post on LiveJournal

Hehe my first post.

Greek Stuff:
I bought a cable modem today. Assuming I get the rebate it should pay for its self in 10 months. This gave me the opportunity of phoning technical support and spending 5 minutes trying to get something other than the engaged tone. Then probably 30 minutes to an hour getting them to enable the stupid thing. After spending many hours on the phone with there technical support I have learned a few things.

1) don’t tell them you have a anything other than a windows machine directly connected to the cable modem

2) They consider resetting the modem switching it off for 5 minutes, during this time they say they are doing something to your account *cough* bullshit.

I eventually got the required non flashing lights so I got off the phone.

I also found out that there servers got hit by Code red worm. I wonder if they need a security engineer at Road Runner 🙂

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