Robbie Schaefer Rocks

I just got back from Jammin’ Java where Robbie played 3 sets well 2 plus a very very long encore. It is probably easier to say what he didn’t play than what he did play. However he did play my favorite song 20,000 Hearts and also Stupid American. I remember the first year I spent in DC I couldn’t afford to go home for Christmas. For New Year so I went to a large party in DC that included an open bar. After getting there I discovered that Eddie from Ohio were playing there as well. So I went up in a very drunken state and requested Stupid American. The friend I was with was very impressed when Julie announced this one is for Ian from Scotland. Normally Julie sings the lead vocals so it was really fun to hear Robbie sing it solo. I was also amazed by Jammin’ Java. I can’t believe such a wonderful place is right on my door step in Vienna. Check a live act there if you get a chance the sound quality is excellent

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