Now that is what I call rain

I just drove back from the cable place after returning my old cable modem. I don’t think I have ever seen so much rain coming down. At one point I couldn’t drive more than 20 miles per hour because of the water on the road and the rain coming down. I normally don’t have a river running outside my front door. GAAABOOOOM there is another strike of lightening just outside my house

8 Responses to “Now that is what I call rain”

  1. lure says:

    did you go to springfield or chantilly? don’t tell me you were in my neighborhood and didn’t call to stop by!!!

  2. tracytracy says:


    Hey – that a cox modem you were returning? Cause I need to return mine as well – just bought our own and have packed up the rental to return…. but haven’t figured out *where* exactly I need to take it.

  3. lure says:

    Re: Modem

    springfield or chantilly. 🙂

  4. Ian says:

    Re: Modem

    Emm the one close to you. Me ducks for cover. I didn’t have my cell phone and I couldn’t remember exactly where your place was.

    Yes it was a Cox one. Let me guess you bought the cheap one from Circuit City as well? You need to return the old one to either of the Cox offices. Its on their web site. Let me if you can’t find it.

  5. lure says:

    Re: Modem


  6. tracytracy says:

    Re: Modem

    lol – no, long story short but I got a free modem from Toshiba thanks to a class action suit. I’ve got the old one boxed up sitting next to my cable boxes all waiting for me to remember to take them back.

    – t

  7. Ian says:

    Re: Modem

    Oooh aren’t you the lucky one, I had to pay 200 dollars and wait for 50 dollar rebate.

    The two locations are, just in case you didn’t find it.

    Chantilly Location
    14650 Old Lee Road
    Chantilly, VA 20151
    Office Hours: 8am-9pm, 7 days a week
    Payments accepted 8am-5pm

    Springfield Location
    7741 Southern Drive
    Springfield, VA 22150
    Office Hours: 8am-5pm (7 days a week)
    Drive-Thru: 8am-9pm (7 days a week)
    Payments accepted 8am-5pm

  8. tracytracy says:

    Re: Modem

    many thanks, I wasn’t able to find the info on their web site, so this is very helpful. I owe you a drink.

    – t