Strange emails

I just read post about Stupid emails and it reminded me of an email I got the other day for from someone in India

We at Companyname would wish to utilise your products on a regular basis and hence request your goodselves to kindly send us the complete details of all your products and services by sending us your complete brochures and samplers CDs etc. if any, along with the complete details i.e. price lists for varied Image CDs in different categories at the earliest and oblige.

The email goes on in a similar fashion. and finishes

Awaiting a favourable response Looking forward to a long and fruitful
association. In the meantime thanking you in anticipation, we remain,

I don’t sell the photos on Projectphotos so I am not quite sure what to do with the email. It sat in my inbox for a few days then I let it slip into the read folder……

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