My feet hurt :)

Yeah but I had a great days hiking. We started off about 9am this morning drove to Old rag near Shenandoah. Got to the car park about 10:30am. Hiked up to the summit then followed the circuit route back down the fire road then onto the car park back to the car by 5:30.
Here are a couple pictures

2 Responses to “My feet hurt :)”

  1. lure says:

    boy, i’m glad *someone* is getting good use out of that digital camera! 🙂

    those are great photos. sometimes i wish i were more outdoorsy or athletic simply because i’m missing out on such wonderful sights being the hermit and homebody that i am.

  2. Ian says:

    Its fun having a something that I can take a photo then post online. I took alot more photos with my nikon than with the digital. The nikon gives me more flexibility. If you ever need the digital back just let me know.
    I have hiked old rag 4 times now. It involves some climbing over rocks. I managed to cut myself quite badly second time I hiked it when I slipped on a rock. Mary’s rock might be an easier one to do. Of course you can always go along skyline drive for some wonderful views with out having to do the hiking.