From the tripwire manual

All observed timing measures provided for the signature routines were performed on a Sequent Symmetry with ten 16 Mhz 80386 processors. The numbers provided are simply an informal gauge of throughput, rather than any authoritative metric.

Ahh, I think that was the same config as, the mainframe machine I used in First Year A.I. They merged Castle and the other Sequent machine Festival to become Tattoo. Looks like that machine has been replaced by holyrood. Ah high powered computing those were the days.

3 Responses to “From the tripwire manual”

  1. lure says:

    eh, go *home* already! 😛 work is fun and all, sometimes, but…

    i’ve been home long enough to be drinking myself into a frenzy by now. go go!

  2. Ian says:

    I am heading out soon to go play with my equally powerfull 486 🙂