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I am stumped. I can’t get the 60 gig drive to boot. It just refuses to do it. So I then thought, well I have a 540 meg hard drive (This was my first ever hard disk) that I can make the master and boot off that, then mount all the partitions on the 60 gig. Turns out the 540 meg is dying 6 years not a bad life. So I then put in a 3 gig, but the partition table is missing from it, and I can’t write a new one. This is now the third hard drive for this to happen on so I am wondering if something else is going on. I think I need to pull the ATA33 controller and try something else. I have ATA100 in a box that I have been meaning to install but never quite got round to it. Or maybe I should just try doing this with out an extra controller on another machine to see what the F**** is going on, but my 486 won’t see the 60 gig and the 233 won’t pick it up either. But I have reinstalled the boot partition on the 60 gig with out reiserfs which means I don’t have an extra headache of loading the reisrfs modules. Or I could just go out and get on of those $99 40 gig harddrives and start from scratch. Hmmmm I think I should go home.

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  1. lure says:

    it could be worse. you could be me. i have pinkeye. 🙁