Does anyone else really care?

The bits for my new computer are in MD since Saturday at 10:20 AM. I was very tempted to drive out to MD and go see if I could get the boxes. I found an address for UPS out there. It would have taken me about 40 mins each way. I have the map quest directions all printed out along with the tracking numbers. I tried phoning them but just got a recorded message saying call back Monday – Friday. So I resisted I would have loved to get the bit today but I think I would have been more annoyed if I got all the way out there and found a locked door or someone telling me sorry no can do. So I am waiting for the UPS man on Monday. Oooo UPDATE: the UPS site now says 11:33 PM UNLOAD SCAN. So looks like it was sitting on a trailer all weekend so I probably wouldn’t have been able to get them. UPDATE: 12:39 PM IN Transit to Dulles HUB.
So instead of driving out to MD I did some more work on I am have the shopping cart stuff working, I just need to write the order pages, then rescued a friend who’s car was towed. I got dinner out of the deal 🙂

One Response to “Does anyone else really care?”

  1. lure says:

    having worked for ups, i highly, highly recommend just waiting for your package to just arrive as it should, when it should. i realize you’ve waited for what seems like forever already, but really, they wouldn’t be able to get it off the truck or out of storage or wherever for you.