Friday I went to an excellent concert Eddie from Ohio this was a lot better than there last concert I went to. They played two long sets.
Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum to see Amazing Caves. I think is this is the best IMAX film I have ever seen I recommend it if you get a chance to see it.
Today I was on my own so I decided to go down to the Skyline Drive to do some sun set photography. First rule of low light photography, bring a tripod (done) Second rule of low light photography bring the tripod clip that connects the camera the tripod (Drat and double drat). I thought was in my camera bag. I guess not. I toook most of the shots on film and a few on Digital.

HOV Sign

Fairfax exit Sign

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    love skyline drive…

    next time you go, drive thru sperryville and stop off at “the repair shop” it is a cute little restaurant… and pretty sure they have veggie stuff.