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Am I ever going to remember or want to remember all this stuff I have to know for my Cisco Certification. Do I really care that ISDN Q numbers describe switching and signaling and E numbers describe ISDN on an Existing telephone Network. and I numbers deal with concepts terminology and services. Then there are the s,t,r and u reference points. From the exam guide “S defines the reference poing between user terminals and an NT2 device”. Don’t get me started on the OSI model. I couldn’t make it stick in my head when I took my first networking course at university and I am having issues making it stick now. For reference It goes, Physical, datalink, network, transport, session, presentation, application and data on the way out goes data -> segments -> packets -> frames -> bits. Then there are svc and pvc (svc sporadic virtual circuits, pvc permanent virtual circuits in Frame relays). Sorry for boring people, I find it help remembering things if I write them down.

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