Just looked at shop.bbcamerica.com How ever put together this site needs to do some shopping in the US, there are a lot of stuff on here that I can get at Giant my local supermarket for a lot less then they are asking for on this web site, for example Lucozade, horlicks, Ribena, Golden Shred, Sarson’s Malt Vinegar. I mean do I really need to buy imported Vinegar? Plus they are asking for a $20 min order. I am much better off at Britishfood.com but they are out of stock of Irn Bru. Ick

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    Classic Cigars & BritishGoodies In Clarendon, VA. (703 525-6511) They stock Irn BRU. I am telling you go there.. it is sooooo close. It will give you a temporary fix until you can get some sent!


  2. Ian says:

    I went to the Scottish shop in old town alexandria and picked up 5 cans 🙂