This question has been running around in my head for the past couple days. I remember taking a class in High School called modern studies which covers politics and other modern type issues. One of the questions asked in the class was “What companies would you not work for because they make something that is against your moral beliefs” Would you work for a company that makes bombs that kill people for example? Would you work for the company that makes the microchips that are used by the company that make the bombs? Would you work for a company that you know makes something that is used by the company that makes the microchips? Where do you draw the line?

This was an interesting question when I was 14, I am now I am 26 and looking for a job and a lot of the companies in the area are involved in military contracts.

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    good point.

    i have left companies because I didnt agree with their policies or ethics.

    question is.. do you have any option if you want to stay?

  2. penchantnyc says:

    we are all senitive to different issues.

    I wouldn’t work for a company that makes cigarettes. 🙂

    Hmmm, the organization I work for has gotten donations from Phillip Morris….but I guess that’s different.

    BTW, ioevri1 recommended you in one of recommendation surveys, so i just added you. I see you have one of my fav people in the whole world (Saintlex) on your list. 🙂

  3. Ian says:

    Ah, I am always curious to see who reads my ramblings and random thoughts. Welcome to my LJ

  4. penchantnyc says:

    Thanks. I added you to my friends list. 🙂