I had dinner with HY and friends last night, drove all the way out to reston to find the trip to Nation was on, so drove all the way back to Alexandria to meet up with them then dance till 3 am. I rolled over and looked at the clock went hmm almost lunch time, rolled over again and went shit 11:55 I need to pay my rent today and the office closes at 12 noon. I made it in time and dropped off my cheque. I have now had a shower and smell less of what was being smoked round about me. Now to phone HY back and sort of the plans for the rest of the day. I think we are going to be going Scottish Country Dancing Tomorrow. I was thinking that it was today but it is the 6th so that gives me a little time to recover.

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  1. ioevri1 says:


    I think that is what my b/f’s parents do!

    They come to festivals in USA at least once a year.

    Dont tell.. but my mom used to be a Country and Western Dance instructor… 😛 *wink* so i have been to my share of dances..

    have fun… wear good shoes… and dont wear a hole in the floor! tee hee

  2. Ian says:

    Re: cool

    I think I might skip the dancing, I looked at the dance list and I only know one of the dances they are doing, no Strip the Willow, Gay Gordons, St Bernards Wallce or Millitary Two Step. Also HY twisted her ankle yesterday.

  3. ioevri1 says:

    Re: cool

    Awww… I hope she is ok… spoil her rotten… put her foot up on pillows and cold compress for swelling… also.. if she can elevate her ankle above her heart it slows down the blood from making it “throb” at injury.

    take good care of her!