For anyone considering using Best’s pick up at the store don’t even think of using the pentagon City store. Turned up yesterday and was told there system was down and to come back tomorrow. Turned up today and went up the counter that said Financing and Pick up and was told to stand in the very long line for the customer returns. Got the front of the line and was told that they couldn’t do anything unless they had the order number. So wondered off to find the terminal in the store to go print off a copy. Went back to the long line for customer returns. I noticed someone who looked like the manager so went over and confirmed he was. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. I asked him to confirm that we had to wait in the long customer returns line instead of going to the sign that said “finance and customer pick ups” He said “That is correct”, I then suggested that this wasn’t very fair considering I was purchasing a product instead of returning a product. He basically said that I should stand in the long returns line. On saying that I didn’t think that was good customer service he said “I disagree”. Once we got to the front of the line for the second time it took 3 hard drives over 3 trips to get the correct hard drive. You notice that they don’t put your order aside when you make it online so are not guaranteed your order when you get to the store.
It ended up taking and hour and a half to pick up a stinking hard drive.

So Bryan the manager at the Pentagon Best Buy, your store sucks and you should pay attention to a customer when they make a suggestion on improving their experience of buying something at your store.

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  1. somabrak says:

    Best Buy, in general, has always disappointed me. Their phone customer service sucks, their website sucks, and their employees (at least in Jersey) do not give a flying fuck about trying to help a customer. Bitch bitch bitch. heh.

  2. ioevri1 says:

    best buy has the worst record for customer service!

    BUT I find the best people/stock at the following stores in Nova.
    Potomac Mills

    the rest can go to hell…. 😛

  3. lure says:

    lisa and i had a really awful experience at the best buy in woodbridge this weekend. i wouldn’t recommend going there, either.

    next time you should go to the best buy in fairfax. that way you can take me with you. i’m good at getting managers to grovel and apologize and take me seriously and hand me high dollar amount gift cards in exchange for me keeping my mouth shut about their awful business practices.


  4. Ian says:

    I thought I was good at getting people to at least listen to me, but this guy couldn’t give a fuck.