I am disappointed again, I saw a trailer for Fox 5 news at 10 and it had a few things that sounded interesting, one story about getting the best deal on cell phones and another about Cox cable. The cell phone story basically said nothing and at the end said go look at a web site that I can’t remember. The cox story could have been summed up in 2 lines. Cox is behind on upgrading to digital service and a lot of complaints have been made about the service so they are going to freeze the prices for a year. For this a wasted an hour watching it. I will say this, I learned where the big new looking snow plows that were sitting on 395 can from, New Jersey. DC have given a NJ company the contract to keep the roads clear. Then again I could have lived with out knowing that little fact.

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  1. tracytracy says:

    Cox digital SUCKS and their customer service dept ranks right up there with Best Buy, I’m telling ya.

    We’re one of the people who actually lodged an offical complaint against them with the county for their shitty service pertaining to this switch to digital (among other things).

    Go figure, after the complaint was sent in suddenly we got all the attention in the world from Cox – phone calls, emails: “What can we do to help?”

    Gee, aint that nice of them. Bastards. As soon as DSL comes to my neighborhood we’re dumping them.