I am now remembering why I normally code in very plane html. I started playing with CSS since i wanted to change the font on a web page. CSS seems like a great way to be able to play with styles with out having to rewrite large chunks of code. I have 3 web browsers open (ie 5.5, mozilla 0.9.6 and Opera 6) and the page looks different on every single on of them. IE seems to accept almost anything. Mozzila and opera seem to be a lot more strict. Some things in CSS just don’t work the way I think they should, for example in Netscape and Opera and IE if you define BODY to be color red and 40 point text it works fine up until you open a “td” element then it forgets the font size but the color is still red. Annoying.
For those interested here is a before and after
If anyone can tell me why the underline disappears when you go over the donation link at the bottom in Opera please let me know

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