Which cellphone to get?
I am starting to look at buying a new cell phone to replace my company issued nextel.
Things I would like
For it to work in my apartment (nextel wasn’t very good on this). Verzion works in my apartment. This might not be a big issue in the near future
To be able to receive short email messages on my phone. I used to have the sender and the subject of emails sent to my nextel. From what I have read ATT allows unlimited incoming text messages
Numeric paging. I have an answering machine that can send a page on a voice message being left. (ATT has this)
PC Connection. It would be really cool if I could connect a laptop or PDA to a cell phone and dial an ISP and pull and push email from my home network. I know cellphones are not fast but I should be able to connect using IMAP and see what messages are waiting.
Vibrate Ring
Head Phone socket
Small size, the nextel i1000 was a little too big for my liking.

Any ideas what the difference between a 3360($99.99) and 8260($179.99)? It looks like the 3360 has more features like infra red and PC connections, so why is the 8260 more expensive?

Verizon doesn’t seem to have nice looking cell phones.

So what are your experiences with different cellphone companies?

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  1. saintlex says:

    Heh. I bought the cheapest one they had at Radio Shack. It’s a Motorola Talkabout. I’m sure it’s not at all what you’re looking for (it doesn’t even have a vibrate function), but I’m very happy with it for the price I paid…

    I have the Verizon OneRate plan, which I LOVE because I get 200 minutes of airtime and it doesn’t matter if a call is local or long distance. And there’s almost always a signal.

  2. ioevri1 says:

    verizon is owned by the same people that do vodafone if that helps.. i think it is vizzavi.co.uk. but not sure of service here.

    I liked nextel when i had them.. and didnt have a problem with service or receiving text messages… i agree they were a little bulbous.

    I have also had cellular one.. and hated them.

    I must say.. i have gotten quite used to not having a mobile. 🙂

    I never had a moments peace when i had it. I guess the trick is not give the number out!