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I have been playing on and off for a week or so with getting my tivo connected to my network. I went to Microcenter and picked up some of those 5 dollar 50 foot network cables. I also picked up some RJ45 to 9 pin serial connectors. These are really cool because you don’t have to solder the connectors. Following the instructions on Tivo web. I pulled my tivo apart and booted from a tivo boot floppy I used for upgrading a tivo. After much pulling out of hair and stuff I first got a serial connection working, then changed that to be a ppp connection. I can now telnet into my Tivo and also transfer files back and forward on it. I did have two porblems, the tivo was dropping packets (solved by disabling compression, guess the little processor in the tivo couldn’t cope with the extra work of compressing the data FYI I used the “nodeflate” option). It also stopped making daily calls, (solved by telling pppd not to set a default route on the serial connection “nodefaultroute”). I then installed Tivo web. This is the part that really rocks. You can go in and see why it records stuff, I laughed out loud when I saw
Animals -2 Implied
Basketball -1 Implied
Bodybuilding -1 Implied

The list goes on, but I thought it was interesting.

Now the really cool part is you can change the channel remotely using a web page, so I can now change the channel when I am sitting upstairs on the computer watching the tivo via the tv card on that machine. This also means that if I set up real server and real encoder again. I can then ssh into my home network from work and watch the output of my tivo via real video on my computer at work then change channels and watch recorded programs on the tivo.

I still need to get set up the network so it picks up the tv data via my cable modem instead of using my phone line. At some point I will probably buy a network card and dump the serial cable stuff.

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