Well I am doing it, for lack of any better to I am driving down to Florida to go see a shuttle launch. I read an article on a couple days ago and I thought it would be fun. I talked to one of my friends who is in between jobs and he thought it would be cool as well, but decided not to come.
So at 4pm I left to drive down to Florida. As usual I was running a little late so I ended up wasting a lot of time on I95 just past the beltway. I am now in summerton SC in the middle of no where I tried dialing in but i think I am in hicks vill. When dialing I here the clicking of the old telephone exchanges, the number I have doesn’t seem to work so I guess I am not in a local area. I will try connecting tomorrow. I saw a dataport in on of the larger Petrol stations. On the way down I could have stopped and eaten at the “We Dare Topless diner” or at the “Gentlemans Club”. I had the idea that it would be fun to take photos at the state signs. but i missed the first one at NC then didn’t realise I was in SC until I went past the welcome center and realised why the last Petrol stop was called “South of the Border”. I didn’t even see the sign.
Hopefully I won’t get any charges for the local calls. We will see.
I need to sleep now

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