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I have an idea. I have been thinking about an mp3 server for the living room, but to build a box from scratch is too expensive. I have been playing with an old toshiba that is tiny. Its only a P133, but linux installs and sound works and it plays MP3’s. So I could drop a network card in it and then control it via a website on another computer. I would have been really cool if I could drop a video encoder card in it and sever real video streams from the box but the latop might be a cheap way of doing it. The Laptops are going for about $100 on Ebay

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  1. lure says:

    have i ever told you how much you *rule*? 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. ioevri1 says: should totally do it…

    how are things in “your new town”?!

  4. Anonymous says:

    mp3 server

    Hi there, this is a rather bizarre email I am aboot ta send but hey live life on the edge an aww that.
    Came across youur site when looking for Info Security geezers.
    For your MP3 streaming server – idea might save you having to use NFS or Samba- you could use there is also a mod for apache you probably alrready know this. When searching for “security engineer cv” geezers on google you also appear along with
    The other reason I wrote is because I stay in Edinburgh and I am involved in Security related stuff, so anyway if you don’t reply have a happy life in the US of A.
    Andrew K