I am really hoping that the new version of linux will be close enough to make my laptop a linux only machine. Or at least primary OS linux. My main requirements are be able to read email via imap over ssl, Read web pages, and play real video streams. Web pages I think the latest version of opera (v7) when it comes out for linux will solve my web browsing woes. I hope that Kmail in the latest version of kde (finger crossed) will allow me to junk outlook express. It does ssl but I didn’t like the fact that I could configure accounts to send out using different smtp servers. Real video is an issue. The latest version of Real player is version 8 and it won’t play content from the new helix servers. Which is what I am using for doing streaming video in my apartment.
Oh didn’t I mention that?
I bought a new computer. It is about the size of a ream of paper. It has a mini-itx motherboard (see mini-itx.com and it has my tv card in it. This was supposed to be my new firewall but I really really like an mp3 player in my living room that streams out 350K video streams from my tivo. Now if the tivoweb server didn’t keep locking up my tivo I would be very very happy.

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  1. platofish says:

    Have to say it…..sounds like Mac OSX is what you need!

  2. Ian says:

    I am very temped, a couple of my friends have macs and are very happy with them, but I am little concerned about the way apple is going for example the mac.net and the buying up of companies that make both apple and windows software then saying that they will only make mac versions in the future.
    What would you recommend in terms of a mac laptop. I am in the mood the small and light verse big and heavy

  3. platofish says:

    I’ve had a Mac Titanium for…hmmm…9 months or so. 800MHz with 1Gb RAM and 48Gb drive Its been used (abused!) daily and so far I’ve not had any problems with it. The only complaints I have are: The screen touches the keyboard when the lid is shut, and so it gets pretty grotty. The case per se is starting to look pretty beat up, the paint is flaking off.

    But, the latter is minor. In fact, I tend to think of laptops as being ‘disposable’ so it doesn’t bother me too much. And, compared to every other laptop, the apple is easily the coolest!