I had great fun biking home in the snow at midnight. I did really well till I was on the pavement out side my apartment. I guess I got caught between the grass and the concrete and went “weeeeeeee splat” and landed my arse on a pile of wet snow. I think my wheels are out of alignment since the gearing was all fucked up this morning. That will be on my list to look at on Sunday.

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  1. lure says:

    i believe, if bikini were actually a verb, the proper conjugation would be bikiniing, with two i’s, such as in skiing. 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    I think the word I was looking for was Biking 😛

  3. lure says:

    oh, you changed it! you’re no fun!


  4. Ian says:

    If you have some spare time to waste you can always look at my new photos. I am going to head down to your place one I have some food 🙂 Do I need to bring anything?