All I heard was pisssssssshhhhhhhhh…….

I walked my bike back to my apartment and took my car to work. After work and shopping at Ikea I checked the tire and pulled out half a razor blade. This would be patch number 4 or 5 on the back tire so I think it is about time that I wen out and bought a new inner tube. I also noticed that I am down to about a millimeter of tread on the flat of the back tire. Not bad for about 2000 miles. I don’t know exactly how many miles because I changed my odometer at one point and the new one wouldn’t let me set the initial mileage and the battery is now dead on the old one. I dropped the new a couple weeks back and it reset back to zero. It was at 820 miles so I guess I have done about 2000 miles but I could be under estimating that. I know that I used to get my bike serviced every thousand miles, but my bike from the UK is blurring in the bike I have in the US.

I now have a new bed spread, a new set of shelves (which forgot to buy the metal brace [Ikea Ivar]). A CD holder for the billy book case except they have changed the dimension on the billy book cases and the cd thingy is about an inch to wide. I need a saw preferably one with electricity to cut it down to size. So I need to make another trip to Ikea……. maybe I should leave my credit card at home.

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  1. platofish says:

    What kinda bike(s)?

  2. Ian says:

    its a red Specialized Hardrock mountain bike.