I am waiting on my P200 finishing compiling image magick. I was ready to load the latest and greatest photos and then I noticed it wasn’t adding the caption. So I am going from the source rather than the rpm that came with suse.
I used to think my P200 (its actually a P233. I discovered that other day) was a fast machine. It was faster than my 486 (which is now switch off) but I am sitting here waiting for the compile to complete wondering if it is time to upgrade my file server. I just dropped a second 120 Gig hard disk in it the other week and pulled out a 60 gig . Can you belive that it was made in NOV 2000. I wonder what I paid for it then. I think I bought the drive thinking that I would never need to by another one. Yeah that was till I started scanning images at 22 megs a file.

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