Just tried to take some photos of the lightening storm that is going on. I had 400 iso film in the camera from the shoot I was doing at the smithsonian. I started doing exposures at 10 seconds. then opened up the fstop to f27 did some more at 10 seconds then moved onto 15 and 20 seconds. We will see if any come out.
I have been working for the smithsonian the last couple weekends. I took about 8 rolls last weekend and 8 rolls yesterday. I get the photo credit on any pictures they use. I will probably take an afternoon off and go visit them to make copies of the CD’s since they are keeping the negatives. I did run a couple rolls through for my self so those will go online as soon as the as I get them back on scanned.
This was cool. I worked mostly in the Scotland section of the smithsonian. I moved between about 5 stages taking pictures of who ever was on stage. I got to see Brian McNeill, NPR’s Fiona Ritchie, Alasdair Fraser, Fiddlers’ Bid, The Singing Kettle , Johnny Cunningham, Wrigley Sisters, Battlefield Band, Alison Kinnaird, Dougie Maclean and others

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