I am having a a horrible dream. All my computers are being wiped and reinstalled on Sunday. Oh wait that really is happening and I am still at work copying all my person al files to a 120 Gig hard drive for safe keeping.

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  1. boreal says:

    Hah. My bad dreams like last night always consist of things or people dying. Ick! I added you to my reading list because Platofish said you were an interesting folk.

    (Ok, he showed me a picture of you in a kilt. I admit it. I’m shallow. But hey, the first post was about hiking, yanno?)

  2. Ian says:

    Kilt me …. Where? Oh you mean the one on my personal site. So do I get to see a photo of you? 🙂 So I guess you like hiking. I have added you to my friends list as well

  3. boreal says:

    I honestly have no idea. He just posted the link, I assumed it was from your journal, but I guess not. Go yell at him, its not my fault! 🙂

    No one ever gets to see photos of me cause that would give away the fact I’m a 65 year old 350lb chain smoking gay man.

    I have old photos of me linked in my journal somewhere… not real helpful huh? I’m completely boring, but I do enjoy being outdoors, hiking and such.

  4. Ian says:

    My first thought was wonder if boreal is Male or Female. Not the first time a gay guy has got excited about me in a Kilt 😉 Oh and I am straight just incase you were curious.

  5. boreal says:

    Ok, my journal has been updated…