Annoying thing about computers #1223234

I have sound working on my file server again :). Downloaded and installed the latest Alsa sound drivers and it now work WOOPIE. I can now listen to MP3’s upstairs with out having to start another computer 🙂 The file server is on all the time. I can also freak out people by playing music loudly while I am not at home 😉

I am feeling productive. I finished (well to the point it works) a web gui for indexing and preping my pictures to go projectphotos. I also pushed a new front page out to the main web server that tells people about new pictures. it has some rough edges but it is working, and I uploaded 6 rolls of film that I have told myself I wasn’t going to put online till I finished the loading gui.

I think I have paid all my bills. Still haven’t got my parking pass for this month. need to go to the management office and get it, but that involves having a shower and doing something about clothes.

I want to go hiking tomorrow. I haven’t renewed my national park pass for this yet which point the fact I haven’t done much out doors this year.

3 Responses to “Annoying thing about computers #1223234”

  1. sheepzeit says:

    Out of curiosity where do you go hiking? Is it around here (or within a couple of hours drive)?

  2. Ian says:

    For short hikes I go to Great Falls on the MD side, Follow 495 towards Tysons Corner and get off 495 just before the Legion bridge.
    For longer hikes I love Shenandoah, my favotite hike there is Old Rag. I have also been to Catoctin Mountain Park which is north of here. I have heard that gun powder state park is good. There is also Sugar Loaf mountain to the north west of the city. I think it is still in MD.

  3. sheepzeit says:

    I’ve heard some good things about Sugar Loaf, although I haven’t been there. I like hiking but since I’ve been in MD I’ve only ever hiked in Patapsco Park and it’s not too exciting there. Thanks!