Mmm let me see all my personal email goes through an ISP in the UK. I wonder if I can use this once it becomes law to sue people. This could be a cash cow for the Tardis project if someone wants to persue it. I bet it only works if the spam came from inside the UK.

I really need to stop using my solaris box for reading LJ. I don’t think I ever finished compiling and installing KDE on it. The only reason I had it up was to install the ssh and the sendmail patch. I discovered I had a shit load of other patches that I were not being installed by patchpro so I had to do them by hand. The sunbox is the dhcp server for the DMZ in my appartment. I started xmms from a ssh tunel to my file server. Man it has been a long time since i saw the colour map getting screwed up. Remember that used to happen when you start Netscape on the sunboxes at Eduni. What the option to stop it –installimagemap?

Got to go reboot it. and just when xmms on random is reminding me of all this strange music I own.

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