The weekened

I saw Alien at the uptown last night in DC. If you didn’t know they re-released it for Halloween. If was good except for the mystery science theatre 3000 wanabees behind us. Today was a relaxed day. I bought finding nemo and the new Sarah Mclachlan album that is being ripped write now.
There is supposed to be a full eclipse of the moon tonight which should be happening as we speak. At least on the west coast.
I also stopped by a coffee house close to my girl friends place and met some I used to work with so we chatted for a while. I also met some that I went through training with when I first joined my last company. We were in Giant of all places. I heard him talking and turned around. He didn’t recognize me because of the hair 😉
I also went to the National Geographic building and saw really cool photos. The exhibition was called Tibet: The path to Buddha by Steve McCurry I am looking at his web site and he is doing a weekend workshop in New York. Can I justify the $850 fee ?????

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