Any mac guru’s out there? I am sure the user I log into my apple with used to be in the ‘users’ group, but after upgrading to 10.3 it is in group ‘staff’. This is making it a pain to copy files from my laptop to the linux file server since the linux box thinks it is the cdrom group since ism.staff does not equal ism.users 🙁 Any ideas what will happen if I change my ism user back to group ‘users’.

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  1. platofish says:

    I changed my GID a few weeks ago….with no ill effects (so that I could mount a disk on a sun server and have automatic read/write privelage. I guess thats similar to what you are doing?).

  2. Ian says:

    Yes this is exactly what I am trying to do. I was just scared I would lock my self out of the machine when I made the change

  3. platofish says:

    I did take the precaution of making sure I generated a new account with full admin priveledges….(my mac is single user)…..otherwise…..yeah I have seen some lockthemselves out of their machine!