Wooo Hooo

Guess how I am connected to the internet? Go on.

Well OK.

From my cell phone.

While I was on the bus yesterday to new york I was thought “If I had my laptop and the right cables and shit I could post to live journal”

Well I started researching it this morning and found that it shouldn’t be that hard to do. I also found I could get a cable from Radio shack. So since about 5pm I have been trying to get it to work.
LG VX10 phone from Verizon
12 inch PowerBook from Apple running 12.3
FutureDial USB Cable for VX10.
Driver from RadioShackCableDriverPL2303.zip
Modem script from Verizon_Wireless_STD_Driver.hqx
and a ton of help from reading the maccellphone group on yahoo.

A reboot later and I am posting this.

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