I was casually looking at the Nikon website, I saw a 28mm F/1.4D AF lens. The lower the F number the better the lens. So I thought, I wonder how much it is. I know the 50mm F/1.4 is about $300 which is well within my range so I thought it might be about $500 Wrong it is more like $1,500 damb… I guess I will be getting the 50mm next 🙁 I am still waiting for the new Nikon Coolscan Scanners to come out. They are doing a great deal at the moment on the current line but I think that is just to clear out the channel. Almost no one has the current scanners which I think is a mistake when it is coming up to Xmas.

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  1. boreal says:

    I have a feeling the D designation is the same as Canon’s L designation which means pro line, and that’s about the right price for it.

    And that doesn’t necessarily make it better, the lower number reflects a faster lens, one that is better suited for lower light situations, and you can use a slower film and thus get a sharper richer end product.

    With the wide angles, you really don’t even need that slow a lens. Save that for 100mm and up lenses. At 28, a f/4 or 2.8 or whatever is FINE. You should get extremely sharp photos with that, and I’m sure nikon makes something like that. F 1.4 is really more of a specialty lens.

    ps: Canon rocks more. 😉

  2. Ian says:

    I looked at the different systems and the N80 had better features at the better price. You know, I did know that the f thing was a bit of generalization :). I take a lot of picures in low light and the more I can do with out a flash the happier I am, hence the drooling over the f1.4 lens. I have also taken some pictures at concerts where using a flash is sometimes a waste of time. I need to check on this but I thought the F number was fixed so an 28mm lens at f2,8 would let in the same light as an 24mm at f2.8. I was surprised how much difference there was with my 24mm at f2.8 compared to my 28-80 at F3.5. I would like to try playing with faster film 25iso and 50iso.

  3. boreal says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Good for you. 🙂