Interesting Christmas

Normally I would be at home for Christmas. This year I couldn’t do it. So I waited for presents to arrive via the mail. I think I got everything except my sisters presents. My parents are missing most of there presents thanks to, well the UK post office might be more accurate. I mean the country is tiny compared to the US. So why does it take so long for a parcel to get to Scotland. They were posted on the 19th.
So I opened my presents on my own. One of my friends came over to baltimore and I made tomato soup (i swear there is no way it can look like the picture in the book). Then mushroom bolaneas. Then upside down pudding for dinner and watched monsters inc. Fun afternoon but J had to leave to go walk an other friends dogs in DC.

One Response to “Interesting Christmas”

  1. ioevri1 says:


    sorry your friend couldnt stay…

    and even more sorry that we both couldnt be in Sco.

    happy Christmas to you Ian