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What did I do today. I had a lazy day. I read some more of the firm. I stole the book from my parents last time I was home (yeah that was a year ago). I played with a usb wireless adapter on my mac. I still haven’t got it working on an xp machine. I then installed a dns server on my sun box that sits in the DMZ, then installed squid, then made squid, postfix, saslauthd, cyrus all start on boot. I should have checked how long the machine has been up before rebooting.
I got the usb wireless adapter so I could do wireless sniffing. The support on Kismac is still flakey. I think the solution is plug in the adaptor, start kismac then unplug and plug in the adaptor. The machine had hung a few time so I make sure I have everything saved before trying. Once it is running it works as expected. Since I have the airport extreme inside the laptop I can be sniffing on one card and exploring a network on the other.
Squid seems to run faster on my sun box than on my file server. I only really use it when I don’t want my web traffic sniffed in a web cafe. I just start and ssh tunnel to my home network and point the web browser to the proxy. I think it may be time to upgrade my file server to something more powerful than P233.

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    thanks for sharing…

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    I did LJ-cut it 😛
    Happy Christmas and New Year

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    I know…

    but I am a good reader…