When my new visa approval comes through I am still not sure how i am going to get the visa in my passport. Looks like I will not be the only one with issues Visa’s needed fo r UK passports issued after October this year

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  1. Anonymous says:

    your visa passport situation

    I dont think you will have a problem since your passport was issued after 1991 and is machine readable.

    For passports issued between oct 26th 2004 and mid 2005 ( when the biometric data will be in your passport), visitors will have to purchase a visa. You will already have your visa in there so wont need to buy a new one for visiting…. According to that article.

    Anyway, I dont think it wll get to the stage of UK visitors buying a visa. It will damage relations etc as it is very expensive c£60-£70 and will affect the US economy.

    Maybe best to ask if your visa will still be valid when you renew your passport for a biometric data one in 2005?

    Jen Mac