I did something dumb yesterday while talking to my parents. I hit the power button on my UPS and powered off all the ‘critical’ machines in my apartment. The firewall had to be rebuilt since it wasn’t loading modules. The sunbox had to be fsck’d manually. Took about 30 minutes to get everything up and running once I worked out what wasn’t up. I need to check the sunbox the dhcpd server since it didn’t auto start when the computer came back up.
Note to self. Move the ups from under the desk to some where I won’t kick it. Not that I am doing that till after I move.
I haven’t seen any evidence that they have been showing my apartment. Maybe I have scared them in to waiting till I have moved out. Or maybe I they have so many empty apartments that they don’t need to show mine yet. Or maybe they are being very sneaky about bringing people in. So far I haven’t noticed any door that have been closed or opened. Having a cat in the house means I have have to leave them in a set way or I might loose chunks of my carpet.

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