well so much for finishing my taxes. I think they are more or less done but I wanted to check out a couple of items before submitting. Instead I read my friends list.

I had a couple calls from friends about This. Since I have been working at the new house the last couple of days I didn’t know it was the seaport taxi that capsized. I used to commute every day on these boats. From looking at the Photo I think this was the small boat that used to do the canton half of the run and was called the pope mobile. It has had an engine upgrade since I last travelled on it. In windy weather we had to put our feet on the benches so they wouldn’t get wet. This boat is the smallest one in the fleet. I watched the thunder storm roll in. I am not surprised that it flipped if it was still in the water. The seaport taxi doesn’t run when they are thunderstorms. They all have at least one radio and this boat was probably carrying the ‘boat’ cell phone. I guess the storm just hit them to quickly.

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