I am in!!! sort of

Today was thebig day. I moved most of the furnature into my new house. Big thanks to HY, Wolf, Katja, Danneille, Wendy and Sucumar. After everyone left (except HY) we discovered that the queen sized matress doesn’t go up the stairs. So I guess I will need to pull it onto the balcony and in through the upstairs door. Sara is giving my laptop some luving right now so she seems to be reasonably happy. The only things left at my old appartment are pictures and the kitchen stuff. I should be able to get that with a couple trips in my car. So watch out for a house warming party. As soon as I have a bed and all the boxes are emptied.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Milk chocolate hob nobs?? I’ll be right over. I prefer the dark chocolate, but a girl can’t be choosey.