The next challenge

Ok so my dsl line is up and running, now I need to sort out some sort of TV signal. I have a large antenna on the roof that I think has cabling coming in to the basement that is conveniently sliced at the door frame. I guess it was cut when the house was renovated. I have a line that comes in from the cable company. I am assuming that they disconnected the cable when the previous owner moved out. I suppose I should plug the TV in and see.
My current thinking is Direct TV. I am planning on getting a new TV at some point in the future so getting the two room system would make sense. Seems like the HD feeds on cable and satellite a fairly slim so I am going to ignore them for the moment.
I had a look at the systems on offer at best buy. The 2 room system they are selling has receivers that don’t do dolby digital. Again after some research the only channels that have 5.1 sound seem to the premium channels like HBO. I don’t have a 5.1 surround sound system so again that may not be an issue. If I go to an HDTV system then would need an HD sat box and they all do dolby 5.1 so that doesn’t make that much difference.
Now that I am thinking about it might make sense just to get the one room system and not pay the extra $5 per month for the extra receiver. If I upgraded to HD I would need an HD receiver anyway. Seems there is a customer retention plan that will allow you to get a HD receiver for $399 then get $300 rebate on your bill.
Or I could just go with cable.

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