Worked from home today while I waited for the directv installer. He was supposed to be here at 8am to 12 of course he turned up at 1:30. He finished about 3:30 so there wasn’t much point going into the office. Its only a 10 minute bike ride but it was pissing down with rain. So much so that I have now discovered why there were strange puddles of water next to the sink are coming from. I have a leak above the kitchen sink window. Will investigate when the weather becomes nicer.
So now I have Directv. Not quite sure what i will be watching since there are only a few programs I am watching at the moment and they have cancelled all the others I used to watch.
I spent the first part of the morning trying to convince my windows machine to start up the citrix remote client we use for remote conections. My work laptop is part of a test setup in another building from my office so I couldn’t use that to VPN in. I ended up using my apple to connect strange as it seams it works perfectly for connecting to the terminal servers at work. Then I stole one of my 17inch monitors for the latop so I could have a bigger screen, then stole the keyboard.
Spam and Virus mail on seems to be working well. I have caught well over 100 viruses and a similar amount of spam since I installed it on my gateway machine. I am using amavis-new to hook postfix, clamav, spamassasin and f-prot together. It works but the config file for amavis is hellishly ugly. I am guessing the previous owner of was someone called dan since I am getting a lot of viruses addressed to him. Its strange you think that his name would begin with ‘I’

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    isnt there a Computer called “imac” I think it is supossed to be IMAC/Donald a play on words–it also made me think of ‘oldmacdonald’ eieio.

    just a thought.

  2. Ian says:

    The imac comes from iMachintosh. so i don’t that can be it 🙂

  3. ioevri1 says:

    eh, who knows…